iphone 3gs jailbreak 3.1.3 firmware(new&old both bootrom)

how to jailbreak iphone 3gs firmware 3.1.3 old bootrom and new bootrom (mc and non mc):
hi friend,lots of people done mistake to update iphone/ipod 3.1.3fw.there is no jailbreak relesed for iphone 3gs all bootrom.
so all you need to do is downgrade your iphone/ipod 3.1.3 fw to 3.1.2fw.then jail break.its realy easy and must working for
all iphone 3gs.

1.DFU mode
2.restore 3.1.2firmware for iphone 3gs
frist open notepad with run as administtrator then open file call system32 then
drivers then etc open it.put on all files you will see hosts file bottom of the file paste this gs.apple.com then save.now (for mac only Go to Finder -> Go -> Go to Folder.. and type in “/etc” without the quotes obviously. Once you hit enter a normal Finder window will appear and you will see a hosts file. Edit it just as you would in Windows. IP of the address you would like to associate with the name following it. Save, and you’re set!)

1st step:dfu mode:connect your iphone to your pc then run itunes.now you have to put your iphone on dfu mode.press both power button and home button until phone shutdown,soon its poweroff let go the power button but keep hold the home button until itunes restore message popup.
then press shift button on pc and restore 3.1.2 firmware.when you restoring it will show error but keep try again 2times then closed itunes.
dont wary restore is done even have error.
2nd step:run redsnow.:keep it connect iphone with pc then run redsnow.then select the same firmware3.1.2 then next.now this message will come
you its very importent to click yes or no,if your ipgone 3gs is mc model click YES if not click NO.(CHECKE IF YOUR IPHONE 3GS PART NO START LIKE MC133../.. ITS MEAN IS NEW BOOTROM CHECK YOUR IPHONE BOX YOU WILL FIND THERE) then next.now click on JUST BOOT TETHered right now only then next.then done..its done..
3rd step:connect your iphone on to your pc then run blackrain1,you will see on your phone pic of GeoHot then phone will restart.
now your iphone is jailbreak and downgrade with 3.1.2firmware.ENJOY YOUR PHONE.

please leave comments down what you think


Anonymous said...

this really doesnt work.. I can tell you what happens step by step..

I watched your video and somehow your itunes verifies your firmware (yes I have edited the hosts file in \system32\drivers\etc) mine doesnt!!

Lets carry on, i did step 1 twice and got the same message both times "not eligible..." then continued with your steps and nothing happened still on 3.1.3.. if you want a more detailed description or if you can help me more, MSN: yigitcan_guler@hotmail.com , MAIL: yigitcanguler@gmail.com

Thank you

Steve Jobs said...

Then you're doing something wrong. I tried a couple of times adding the apple IP thing in notepad and at last it worked. But I dont get error 1015 I get error 14. And RedSn0w won't recognize the 3.1.2 firmware. Så it doesn't work for me either

Anonymous said...

everything works fro me ! just when i restart the device i should use blackra1n again to get my iphone out of dfu mode ! so ,is there is anyway to get the iphone normal mode when i do turn it off and on , so no need to plugin the iphone eatch time to the computer ! because i really do turn my iphone alot !

Anonymous said...

this doesnt work.. i watched your video but it still on FW 3.1.3 ?

if you can help me: MAIL. ylli.mahmudi@gmx.ch
MSN. jackazz_ylli@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

I have tried and tried and can't get this to work. when running notepad as admin and pasting the extra and click save it doesnt automatically save it goes to save as instead. so just keep getting not eligable when tring to restore with the 3.1.2 firmware. there must be some way round about this if u seem to be able to do it

Daviemwell said...

downloaded all the programmes done word for word but unable to downgrade the firmware ( not eligable) does this only work for 3gs phones that had 3.1.2 frimware on it previously, does it work with new un-jailbroken phones????

Anonymous said...

You must have broken your iPhone earlier, so you need to have your SHSH files on Saurik's server.

Anonymous said...

I tried to restore the 3.1.2 firmware as instructed, but it just kept saying 'isn't eligible'. I am sure /etc/hosts already got updated. Mine is a brand new 3GS (MC model)...does this procedure actually work for the new 3GS?

Anonymous said...

i need help it just kept saying 'isn't eligible'.

please help stuck on 3.1.3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

something is not working for me..i paste the ip at my hosts..i run windows 7 x64..i run it as admin and paste it and it saves its fine..then when i oppen itunes and hold (shift) and click restore it takes some time loading and when it contacts apple its gets me a message not eligible...i have the new boot rom and my serial number starts with 86...so anything i can do? send me an email at (jeffoukos@hotmail.com)
I'll be waiting.Thanks

Anonymous said...

I have a brand new Iphone 3Gs new bootrom(49/MC), it keeps saying your device is not eligible! Help me please msn: bruno_serodio@hotmail.com. thx

Anonymous said...

MAN YOU ARE A FUCKING KINGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i did everything as stated and looed at 3 or 4 different sources. and still get not eligible all the time
no joy at all if anyone can help me with this i´d be very greatfull.
mail me at darrenochpower@hotmail.com if u can

Anonymous said...

so without having it SHSH backup on saurik before, you cannot downgrade? please help me,. jom_1987@yahoo.com

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