Need for speed shift Android mobile Game Download

Need for speed Shift Android mobile Game,EA Sports present By need for speed shiftx nfs on Android platform,The new NFS Shift includes 65 cars beautifully modelled cars from a wide range of worldwide manufacturers. Fans of the S2000 and Civics will be pleased to note the return of Honda while Nissan are fantastically represented with the likes of the R35 and the classic tuner car the S14 and the S15.
Need for speed Shift game
need for speed shiftx Android mobile Game Developed By EA
Download need for speed shiftx Android mobile Game


Anonymous said...

why so huge? it doesnt go on sd like ashpalt or cause its a ripped copy?

Anonymous said...


i try to install it on my liquid and it says that space is not enought. But i have a 4GB sd, and there is 2GB left on it. What am i supposed to it. Thxx

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