Furious Racing Android Game Download.speed and more speed

Furious Racing Android Game Download.speed and more speed
Furious Racing Android Game Download.speed and more speed
Do you like speed, speed and more speed? So you came to right address.
Furious Racing is for Android now!
Smell the gas, feel the rush, drive a real american racing muscles cars. Boost your speed with a shot of nitrous oxide and leave your opponents in the dust!
When you win all tracks, you get three more bonus vehicles and a track full of crazy obstacles and jumps. Do some stunts!

Furious Racing Android Game Download.
If your oponent ovedrive you, don't wory, pursuit them and if they make mistake, tak advantage of it and gain 1st place.
No undercover cops, no undercover cars and certainly no undercover missions. Just pure racing and real muscle cars. So push your speed pedal and show what you got.
Hint:Furious Racing Android Game Download.
Car shifts gears automatically so you don't need to be worried about shifting your gears, only thing that you shuld worry about is increasing speed of your race car.
Furious Racing Android Game DownloadOn left side of your display are two arrows, left and right, use them if you need to turn their dicrection.

Furious Racing Android Game Download.
If you need to decrease speed of your car, use for it down arrow
for increase speed of your car, use up arrow and speed of your car will rise.
If you need more speed, use hotkey simbolized by nitro key above these speed unflluence arrows on right side of your display. You push speed of your wehicle at its maximal speed and your car vill be fast as jet. And you know that in racing, its all about speed. So use your nitro as often as you can to drive at maximum speed of your car.
Remember, in real life, race only in racing circuits, allways put helmet on your head and use your seatbelts.Godspeed racer

[Furious Racing] Android Game Download.


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