Lemegeton Android Game Download,Action+Fight with the 72 Demons!

Lemegeton Android Game Download,Action+Fight with the 72 Demons!
Lemegeton Android Game Download,Action+Fight with the 72 Demons!
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Lemegeton android Game Story~
A agent, Sabio, of a mysterious organization, St. Guardian, is ordered to pursue a traitor, Pecador. Pecador steal St. Guadian's very important item, Solomon Ring and run to the well-known European country town Craco. Sabio track him and encounter attacks by demons within Craco.
In episode one, Sabio ought to conclude Pecador. He needs to fight with totally different styles of demon. Those demon ar robust. a number of them ar sensible, they do not fight with Sabio however challenge him by totally different quests. Meanwhile, he can meet alternative characters United Nations agency get into Craco for various purpose. they'll facilitate Sabio to complete his mission.
Lemegeton Android Game Download,Action+Fight with th
Lemegeton android Game :Battle System;
You play as Sabio. you've got to kill demons before they beat you. You earn expertise and coins throughout battles. once obtaining bound expertise purpose, your character can level up and increase talents. For coins you earn, you'll create use of them for recovery things.
The system is sample and straightforward. you'll customise your buttons layout, which permit you to make the foremost applicable management theme.

Lemegeton android Game Boss Battle:
There ar powerful demons within Craco. For everytime you beat a boss, you learnt new skills and find a replacement equipments. you'll use new skills to achieve new space. And use equipments to upgrade you character.
Lemegeton Android Game Download
But demons ar ne'er die, they're simply sealed. they are available back human world once a particular period of time. you'll beat them down once more and once more so as to induce hidden things.

Lemegeton Android Game Challenge
Demons ar sensible. Fighting not work for all demons. you're challenged by totally different quests offered by demons.
Lemegeton Android Game Other Features~
- Game community. Support GameCenter, Scoreloop with eight Achievements.
- hidden Weapons and things.- 3D Graphics, Support HD show
- Support Zeemote JS1- Optimized for XperiaPlay

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