R-Tech Commander Colony Android Game Download,galactic Battle Game.

R-Tech Commander Colony Android Game Download,galactic Battle Game.
R-Tech Commander Colony Android Game Download,galactic Battle Game.
Unique and wealthy galactic battle game forever.download-www.androidrise.com
R-tech Commander: Colony combines several of the most effective parts of SLG and RPG into this distinctive and wealthy galactic battle game. You play the role of the chancellor sent bent explore the galaxies and establish new colonies for precious resources. Build up a powerful fleet of battleships to assist defend your colony from alien invaders and to additionally conquer encompassing colonies. As you gain expertise and move up the ranks, you'll gain access to additional awing high-tech weapons and command a larger fleet of battleships. See however so much you'll be able to expand your galactic empire!

R-Tech Commander Colony Android Game Features:
distinctive house battle scenes not like the other SLGs
Develop your planetary colony in brilliant 3D
customise your colony with a range of constructions
Assign commanders with variable skills for various ways
Command a massive fleet of battleships with high-tech armor and weapons

R-Tech Commander Colony Android Game
R-Tech Commander Colony Android Game.Added look in game - numerous things square measure accessible for purchase.
Improved Staging Post – upgrade it to induce more room provides.
Activated PVP mode.
Activated Alliance mode - produce or be a part of AN alliance to fight with alternative chancellors.
Elite commander has got wind of Warfare Center.
Added daily tasks – attack colonies to say reward.
Assign your account with E-mail and parole.
New feature: collect all resources promptly.
New weapons and things bring you fantastic game expertise.
Minor bugs fastened.

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