Zombie Evil Android Game Download,126 levels Action Game.

Zombie Evil Android Game Download,126 levels Action Game.

Zombie Evil Android Game Download,
Zombie Evil Android Game Download,126 levels Action Game.
Put on earphones to feel the symphony of bloody gunfire!
2013 B.C., humans area unit tagged because the biggest obstacle in species evolution by the insane Dr.Evil. He believes that zombies area unit the foremost good species, and area unit actuality master of the planet. Dr. Evil has cultivated endless zombie armies, creating the complete planet into a final crisis. because the union government has no power to resist him, You, the few mercenaries alive, got to fight the simplest way out. Ammunition is your solely hope to survive! you want to pursuit Dr.Evil's footsteps through wormholes in varied times and areas to destroy his zombie legions step by step! the planet awaits the savior, the dawn awaits the sunlight!

Zombie Evil Android Game Download
14 reasonably classical firearms! fancy the headshot and pleasure of crushing! Wipe out the walking dead! flip them into ashes!
Zombie Evil Android Game
Variety of half dozen varieties of Guards! five varieties of skills! Multiple upgrade options! Hurry, use them well to save lots of your brains from zombies!
3 world maps! twenty one classic scenes! 126 levels! Sweep everything within the chaos of your time and area
21 new evil zombies! acquire your armament to interrupt them into pieces!
Thrilling powerful BOSS battles! additional challenges and higher rewards for your to conquer!
Completely free! Endless free gold and level clearance rewards can cause you to warmly fancy the sport while not paying anything!

[Zombie Evil Android] Game Download,


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