Daredevil Rider Android Game Download,ultimate athletic stuntman!

Daredevil Rider Android Game Download,ultimate athletic stuntman!
Daredevil Rider Android Game Download,ultimate athletic stuntman!
In DareDevil Rider you're the ultimate athletic stuntman!
Only the foremost daring drivers (or the craziest) ar able to pull of those wonderful stunts. they have to be one robust cookie so as to induce behind the whereas of a bike and launch themselves off a ramp with none safety web. In DareDevil Rider you'll be able to try these amazing stunts from your mobile device…without risking your life or lots of great injuries.
Daredevil Rider Android Game Downloa
Daredevil Rider Android Game Download
In DareDevil Rider you're the last word athletic stuntman! take a look at your skills and overcome intense obstacles to drag off the stunts. You’ll be expected to leap through rings of fireplace and over obstacles like trucks, cars, airplanes, helicopters...and few different stunning objects. Your goal is to land on the braking ramp that marks the top of the amount.
Without exactness and accuracy you won’t last terribly long…you ought to optimize your jump power and don’t waste it impetuously. If you fall off the ramp you won´t get hurt, however your stuntman won´t be terribly happy regarding it. fortunately you’re able to attempt as again and again as you want!

Daredevil Rider Android Game Daredevil Rider Android Game Download
Get points by catching coins as you fly through the air, by finishing stunts, doing wheelies, stoppies or by creating the right landing.
- 3D Graphics.- eighty levels and three completely different worlds: the Grand Canyon, The Bridge, and therefore the Tropical Volcano (Tropical Volcano level is completely offered for Premium players)
- Moving obstacles.- Discover new levels wherever the motive force becomes a personality's dart; sharpen your aim and facilitate the stuntman build a bullseye.
- contend together with your Facebook friends, share your scores, and invite new users to play.
Do you settle for the challenge? transfer this game for free of charge and show everybody what you’re created of!

[Daredevil Rider] Android Game Download


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