Egmont - Pirates Android Game Download,

Egmont - Pirates Android Game Download,Egmont - Pirates Android Game Download,
Your aim is to make a pirate fleet and to gather the coins it delivers. The player  builds the strongest fleet and collects most coins, wins the game!Every flip players participate in bidding, that helps them to expand their fleet. subsequently the fleet goes on a raid for gold. If the player’s fleet is sufficiently big, he/she will acquire a inciter, that helps his fleet to realize coins from different players.

Egmont - Pirates Android Game Game includes:
- single-player mode (with two or three laptop opponents)
Egmont - Pirates Android Game multi-player mode (play in conjunction with your friends gathered round the tablet)
Egmont - Pirates Android Game- full support for DICE+ game controller, sanctioning you to roll the important dice whereas taking part in, with full randomness it provides!
- animated and exquisite surface
- wonderful graphics and tricks
- forty five ship cards
- fifteen special cards
- five ringleaders
- several hours of play, multiple decisions and ways to win!

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