Autumn Dynasty Android Game Download,

Autumn Dynasty Android Game Download,Autumn Dynasty Android Game Download,
The traditional Chinese painting becomes an epic field of battle in fall phratry – a multi-touch real time strategy game for Android devices. Direct your armies with brushstrokes within the spirit of classical maneuver warfare; use tract, positioning and crafty stratagems to defend your lands and conquer your foes!

For generations, the data of firedust and also the legend of the Thousand Sun Weapon has unbroken the fall Empire safe from foreign barbarians. however currently the govt is weak and her officers corrupt; cloaked subversives lead the peasants in righteous revolt, threatening to get vacant the secrets of Empire. As warfare threatens to tear the land asunder, can you're taking up the weapon, and stand on mountains to fix the sky?

Autumn Dynasty Android Game FEATURES
Autumn Dynasty Android Game Autumn Dynasty Android Game - Full period Strategy experience: train units, construct buildings, analysis upgrades
- Intuitive gesture controls: Paint orders directly onto the battle map
- stunning, oriental vogue painted maps: Thousands of troopers fighting onscreen
- Unlock distinctive special talents to show the tide of battle
- Grand story campaign, AI Skirmish mode and instant action Blitz Mode
- four AI difficulties to challenge

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