Fling! Android Game Download,100,000 unique puzzles,

Fling! Android Game Download,100,000 unique puzzles,Fling! Android Game Download,100,000 unique puzzles,
Fling! is an addictive puzzle-game primarily based a singular construct, that whereas easy is at identical time infinitely difficult. Ideal for all ages.
Fling! Android Game Featuring over one hundred,000 distinctive puzzles, specified no 2 puzzles you encounter ar ever identical, and split into thirty five levels of step by step increasing problem, Fling guarantees you a great many long hours of puzzling fun!

Fling! Android Game Each puzzle incorporates a single, distinctive resolution, and is solved by merely flinging (pushing) the furballs, and observation them bump one another off the sting of the screen, till only 1 is left.

Fling! Android Game FOUR GAME MODES:
Fling! Android Game Download,100,000 Fling! Android Game FREE-PLAY mode - play at your own pace, whereas the sport tracks your stats and keeps track of all puzzles solved/failed, permitting you to browse your entire puzzle-solving history and return to any antecedently solved/unsolved puzzle to try to (re-)solve it!
* ARCADE mode - race against the clock, finding as several puzzles of ever-increasing problem as you'll before it slow runs out!
* CHALLENGE mode - solve sets of puzzles at intervals a given quantity of your time to progress, whereas attempting to beat your personal best times for every level!
* mania mode - the all new survival mode - keep the board from filling up by flinging same-colored balls off the board!

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