Caynax timer Alarm clock PRO Android App Download,Caynax timer Apk

Alarm clock PRO Android App Download,Caynax timer is over simply timer. It's good resolution for time management, todo list, tasks list or tasks reminder.
Alarm clock PRO Android AppAlarm clock PRO Android AppWhat's a lot of in professional version:- You support tiny developer to develop this nice app :)
- Annual/Birthday/Anniversary alarm
- "Any alarm" are often perennial "every month"
- No ads (no app crashes, lower battery usage)
- Full alarm profiles support
- Shake to snooze
- Alarm fullscreen mode
- Snooze count up to one hundred
- Cyclic alarm repeat up to ninety days
- Dropbox synchronization
- Widgets square measure resizeable (>= humanoid three.1).
- Widgets are often placed on lockscreen (>= humanoid four.2).

Alarm clock PRO Android AppAlarm categories:
- fast - create a note/alarm with 2 easy clicks
- Everyday - runs everyday
- Work days - runs on designated work days
- Cyclic - runs each x-th day
- Timer - easy timer (countdown) alarm
- Any - calendar choice
Caynax timer Alarm clock PRO Android App - Annual - birthday, day of remembrance (PRO only)

Alarm clock PRO Android AppFeatures:
- alarm profiles
- normal "Dismiss/snooze button", science drawback or arrange/complete quotation.
- digital and analog clock contrivance
- mild alarm - increasing ringtone mode, custom snooze length or count and a lot of...
- designed for tablets and phones

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