Time Surfer Android Game Download,SIMPLE CONTROLS

Time Surfer Android Game Download,An inevitable destructive force is once you... the tip of the universe! Your solely hope? you'll be able to cheat death by rewinding time! prepare for the foremost adrenaline-pumping surf of the year!
Two bit gameplay keeps everything straightforward to achieve and simple to play. bit along with your right thumb to dive. bit along with your left thumb to rewind time. It couldn’t be less complicated.
Time Surfer Android Game EVERYTHING ENDS, once more AND once more
Dodge spikes, pits and therefore the finish of the universe - it’s a typical, unending day within the lifetime of a trans-dimensional time god! acquire speed, magnet and time bonuses! Miss one? Rewind and grab it!
Time Surfer Android Game RANK UP, PET OUT
Complete missions to unlock new pets and earn area Cakes to feed them. very little dudes like ambystomid, Squid Scholar or Robo-Duck can be a part of your surf and provides you crazy new abilities!

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