CatfishBlues Games Developed Zombies After Me! Android Game

Zombies After Me! Android Game Download,Catfish Blues Games Developed Zombies After Me! Android Game
Zombies After Me! Android GameDecember 30, 2013
Zombies After Me! Android Game Arcade & Action
Zombies After Me! Android GameYour town has been invaded by hordes of hungry zombies, your solely goal is to flee and save yourself as quick as you'll before being devoured by some atrocious undead!
Make your approach through the walking deads slaughtering them together with your saw and blasting their brains with the piece before it's too late!
Zombies After Me! Android
Use the Skateboard and your athletic skills to induce through obstacles and avoid the runaway cars, and profit of the explosive barrels scattered round the surroundings to form a devastating hellfire!In this adrenalinic journey with horror / splatter atmosphere, the survival of the civilization depends solely on you!
- Dodge obstacles and perform stunts of all sorts by swiping your finger on the screen!
- Use the saw and therefore the piece to smash the zombies!
- Use the Skate Mode to run at full speed between the zombies and trample everything!
- 3D graphics of the best quality and fully HD!!!
- Collect coins to shop for many things and power-ups during a well various virtual store!
- Supports Google Play Games: contend with players all round the world due to leaderboards and achievements!
- Supports each smartphones and tablets!

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