Hazel Dazzle Android Game Download,

Hazel Dazzle Android Game Download,
Wake Studios, SL Developed Hazel Dazzle Android funny Game relesed on December 23, 2013
Arcade Action Hazel Dazzle Android Game,
Hazel Dazzle may be a 3D journey for Smartphone & pill that includes living worlds filled with color, giant dungeons to explore and a epic story filled with humor.

The player can head of Hazel Joyce, a young adventurer chasing the evil Dr.Daemus to prevent him revealing the secrets of the ancestral MirĂ¢ri civilization, masters of your time and house.
The controls area unit as straightforward as bit the screen to form Hazel move and attack enemies, use things or navigating through Menus.
Hazel Dazzle combine the classic dungeon exploring gameplay with a replacement 3D "auto-stereoscopic" system for finding puzzles or stun enemies by striking their weakpoints.

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