Toy Defense 3: Fantasy Android Game Download,dashing warriors

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy Android Game DownloadToy Defense 3: Fantasy Android Game Download
Melesta Games Developed Android Game Relesed on February 17, 2014,
Toy Defense 3: Fantasy options a charming new world with dashing warriors, fearless archers, foxy goblins, and immersion during a charming atmosphere!

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy Android Game FEATURES:
- fully distinctive levels with non-recurring gameplay!
- Immerse yourself during a medievel fantasy atmosphere
- unimaginable graphics with associate degree surprisingly careful medieval setting
- Invite your friends to hitch you during a charming world!
- join forces or vie together with your friends' lionhearted knights
- Over 9 styles of enemies, from trolls and goblins to dragons and mercenaries
- Battle evil generals at the tip of each wave!
- Develop your own distinctive strategy with six specialised tower power-ups
Toy Defense 3: Fantasy Android Game - Upgrade your warriors from peasants to knights and provides your foes no quarter!
- Collect all the achievements, take a look at your heart on the field of honor, and revel in a protracted campaign!
- Four helpful gameplay bonuses: meteor, recovery, regeneration, and freeze
- Use the techniques of the best kings to win battles!

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